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Tough ‘Ombres:

The 90th Infantry Division WWI – Today

This exhibit covers the entire history of the 90th Division from WWI to current day. Artifacts from the soldiers are displayed to help tell the story of their time, technology, culture, sacrifice, and heroism. Each artifact is tied to a soldier whom you may have known. These men and women served proudly and later were mostly silent about their deeds, but we can honor them now and never forget what freedom looks like from the soldier’s perspective.
Exhibit extended until Saturday, September 16th, 2017.

The 90th Infantry Division was Formed at Camp Travis in San Antonio, Texas for combat in WWI. They were Primarily made up of men from Texas and Oklahoma. They were deactivated after a successful deployment and occupation in 1919 in Fort Worth, Texas.

In March of 1942 the 90th Infantry Division would be activated again for combat service in WWII. They started at Camp Barkeley in near Abilene, TX then left for training in the deserts of California and then sent to England for invasion of Europe preparations. The 90th would participate in D-Day, close the Falaise Gap, assist in capturing Metz, fight in the Battle of the Bulge, find the Nazi gold hoard in Merkers, liberate Flossenburg concentration camp, and end the war in Czechoslovakia.

After WWII the 90th reverted back to an Army Reserve unit and elements of the division participated in the war in Iraq, however not in a combat role. The 90th colors are still active today, although lowered to a brigade command, the heritage of this famed division still carries on.